Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sites for Feminist Theory resources
Made by: Alan Liu at the University of California - Santa Barbara

Why it's helpful: Provides links to various websites, schools, essays, zines, etc. Includes general resources for feminist theory, actual feminists (Judith Butler, Simone de Beauvoir, etc.), and a few more specific areas such as ecofeminism and cyborgs. Also includes "suggest a link", so more can be added to the list from viewers of the site

Would use this for: If I needed information about the few specific feminists the website has links for, and to find other websites to go to for more information. May not be my first choice.
Made by: the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture at Virginia Tech University

Why it's helpful: comes in three different languages ( English, French, Spanish), can choose from fields within feminism, different national/ethnic feminisms, and individual feminists. Has many ares to choose from. Only provides books to look up on your own for each subject.

Would use this for: To look up books to use for research, does not provide any other information
Made by: The Gender Inn team

Why it's helpful: Comes in both English and German, provides reading list links of other websites, bibliographies of introductory texts for all fields of women and gender studies, and other websites to look up

Would use this for: Perhaps looking up books, look up resources written by international feminist as the website is based out of Germany and has the most information about feminists and schools from that area
Made by: Karla Tonella, University of Iowa

Why it's helpful: Provides many links to various topics from "The Agony of Feminism: Why Feminist Theory is Necessary After All" to "Womanist Theory and Research". While also providing a little information about each site, where it's based out of, what information can be found there, etc.

Would use this for: I like how it gives additional information about each site so you can know exactly what it can be useful for. Has many links on tons of topics, would go to this when looking for resources. Great site
Made by: Ken Middleton, reference/microforms librarian at MTSU Library.

Why it's helpful: For American Women's History, to look up specific events and eras. Ranging from abolitionists, arab americans, culinary history, peace movement to writers. Provides bibliographies, archive sources, digital collections, books, websites and more.

Would use this for: More information about women's history, gives a lot of information about many topics. Nothing for feminist theory specifically.
Made by: Allan Hunter

Why it's helpful: Written by a theorist and provides many of his own papers, research, etc. Related links section seemed helpful. Broken up into many topics, but many of the sites are no longer in use.

Would use this for: Not sure I would, most of the sites did not work.
Made by: Penny Welch August

Why it's helpful: Is a professor and has many links, articles, journals, etc. that she uses for her class. Nice layout, not overwhelming.

Would use this for: Researching Black Feminist Thought, it has the most information I found compared to other sites.
Made by: Cornell University

Why it's helpful: Provides encyclopedias and dictionaries along with brief synopsis of each. Along with periodical indexes and websites, all with brief explanations of each.

Would use this for: Looking up resources to look into, really helpful that it provides explanations of all the resources given. A lot of information, can become overwhelming to look through each site and decide which is best.
Made by: Richard L. W. Clarke, lecturer.

Why it's helpful: Feminist theory sites broken down by history, region, topics and more. While providing information from 2000- 2010, so most up to date. Also provides sources to look up both offline and online, which are broken down even further to primary and secondary sources to use. Easy to navigate.

Would use this for: Looking up specific areas, lots of information about regional feminist theory which none other really had. Started using it soon as I found it.

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